I’m positive about one thing…you have to keep it positive.

Most of the time you’re going to find me writing about animals, or the people of Wal-Mart, or about life observations in general. But today, I’m writing about the power of positive thinking. Yes, I read The Secret. Roll your eyes if you will, but the power of the mind is a great thing and I’m trying to unlock more of my brain power every single day. You won’t be laughing when I finally manage time travel or actually learn to fly.

This may not be quite so profound as human flight, but it was for me. A couple of years ago I misplaced something that really, really, did-I-say REALLY mattered to me. I would not allow myself believe that it was gone forever. Instead I focused on finding it and imagined the joy I would feel when I did. I searched for it off and on, but that really just frustrated me because it was a needle in a haystack situation. Yesterday, I was changing out an old billfold for a new one and I noticed a pocket on the old one that I really never used or paid attention to. Suddenly, as if smacked by the universe itself,  I KNEW without a doubt that my lost item was about to be found. I knew it.

I checked the little pocket and BAM–celebration time. Yeah me! Yeah universe! The moral of this story for everyone is to picture the outcome you want and believe it. The moral of this story for me is that positive stuff…and, when you use something, put it back right where it belongs. Mom must have told me that a million times when I was a kid. Guess she really does know best!