Me, me, me, me!

I recently turned what I call “nifty” years old. Wasn’t too terribly painful. Fifty, er…nifty is just a number. It’s defined by what an individual chooses to do with their time in that decade. Well, my niftieth decade is going to be filled with fun, discovery, challenges and firsts. My life is great–I am surrounded by people I love, animals I cherish, adventures small and large, hard work and lots of words. I have lots of words. Thought I’d share a few here. Some posts will hopefully make you smile. Some posts might bring a tear. Some posts may make you think. Some posts may make no sense to anyone but me. It’s all good, it’s all a part of who I am and the place I want to go with my life as I continue to grow up.

2 thoughts on “Me, me, me, me!

  1. I’ve been enjoying reading you blog for a couple of months now. You’re a good writer and story teller. I especially enjoyed reading about you teddy bear encounter. My wife has neatly positioned a couple of small bears to meet visitors coming onto our front porch. There’s an infectious happiness about those bears. It’s good they’re there.

    Here’s an internet Christmas card. Hope you like Emmylou. She likes dogs too. I hope we all can share God’s Grace in this special time.


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