Young Love. NOT.

In season
Pretty little girl
An up-and-coming pageant queen
Chasing blue and purple ribbons
Strutting her stuff for the judges
But just one of the pack at home.

Handsome big boy
Two paws in the forest
Two paws firmly planted on the couch
Happy in his life
With comfort, food, love and a certain spotted little friend.

Oh but lately, the torture.
She smells soooo good. Soooo right.
Hormones not yet “corrected” are raging
Damn the fence that keeps young lovers apart.
Forbidden love, all the more appealing.

They think they have outsmarted us
And perhaps, with their gates and crates and leashes
They have won this round
But the humans shall pay, all night they shall pay
Ahhhrrroooooooooooo! Ahhhrrroooooooooooo!

This poem is an ode to the uproar in our home right now. On one side of the fence, we have Kainan the wolfdog. Kainan, who WILL be neutered soon, is still intact. After finding him in an emaciated state last summer, we wanted to give him time to get to a proper weight and age prior to scheduling him for a neuter.

On the other side of the fence, we have Brooke, the pedigreed show dog who is in the prime of her career. Brooke is just a few points shy of the 15 points she needs to complete her conformation championship. If you are not familiar with showing dogs, all dogs shown in American Kennel Club conformation classes must be intact–not spayed or neutered (except the veteran’s class…but you don’t need to know all of the rules right now!). 

So that means that Miss Brooke is not yet spayed. And she is in season. And that lasts for three weeks. And Kainan is in LOVE. And Brooke is in LOVE. And they both think I’m a bitch.

Sturdy fences and sleepless nights. That’s the theme at Tails You Win Farm right now. Sigh.

One thought on “Young Love. NOT.

  1. Oh, such a mean mom!!! They both say that and they say “don’t you realize what a beautiful litter we would produce, it would be all the rage of new designer dogs, as it would be the Spotted Wolf Dog, otherwise known as the Damwolf or Wolfdam!

    I feel for the sleepless nights you are having. If you and Jim had been thinking you would have taken your vacation to KL now when the beauty was in heat!


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