I Know How Dinosaurs Became Extinct. Couches Are On The Same Path.

Stegosaurus_SenckenbergDid you know that scientists really don’t know why all the dinosaurs up and died? Oh, they have theories about climate change, a shift in predation—I think aliens have even been tossed out there as a possible explanation for the obliteration of an entire group of critters.

But no one really knows for sure what happened. Until now.

I know.

I know because Dino has died. I know when he died. I know the cause of death.

He was tough. He truly was. He thrived for a good long time.

DinoHe was a purple stegosaurus that came to Tails You Win Farm last Christmas. A toy so large—nearly 20″ from nose to tail—that some of the resident dogs weren’t entirely sure how to play with him. But they figured it out. Over the months Dino roamed the house and the yard with the help of many willing canine friends.

Some of the dogs came and went, as foster dogs will. But Dino remained. Some of the dogs did their best to kill Dino. But Dino remained.

And then HE came to the farm. And Dino learned that HE was different.

20141028_085136Dino’s road to extinction was swift and sure. It started with a small hole near the base of his neck. The beast found the weakness…the chink in Dino’s armor…and went in for the kill. The smaller members of the beast’s tribe joined in—tugging, shaking, clawing—until, until…well, it’s just too terrible. I will never un-see the violence of Dino’s death.

20141028_085040So my unscientific theory is that long, long ago Kainan the wolfdog’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-(picture a lot more greats…like nearly infinity greats) grandfather roamed the earth and developed a taste for giant lizard. You get the picture.

Kainan’s ancestors were responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs.

20141024_081500And now?

Worldwide Couch Protection League. Donate today before all of the comfortable seating in living rooms across the world disappears.


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