Forbidden Love. Furry Romeo Meets Spotted Juliet.

Brooke and KaineIt’s a story as old as time. From Romeo and Juliet, to Jade and David in Endless Love. Star-crossed lovers, denied by family and friends, but determined to be together. Sigh…wipe a tear from your eye.

What is it about THAT boy. You know the one…the slightly rebellious boy who walked into your high school and made teenaged girls’ hearts flutter while the parents of teenaged girls developed creases between their eyebrows and gray hairs at their temples.

Forbidden love. The irresistible, wrong-side-of-the-tracks guy meets the seemingly out-of-his-class girl and beats the odds.

It’s like putting the last yummy piece of birthday cake on the back of the kitchen counter where you think a really tall wolfdog can’t reach it and then telling him not to touch it. I should know. I have that going on…and I have my own little love story blooming.

Imagine Kainan in a leather jacket, collar turned rakishly up, and our little Dalmatian show dog, Brooke, in a cheerleader outfit. I think they would break out in their own howling musical version of Grease if they could. “Hopelessly devoted to youuuuuuuu…”

PlayingOh sure, when we first brought Kaine into this high school…ummm…brought him into our home, Brooke ignored him, as any girl of breeding and privilege would. She turned her head. She told him to talk to the paw, despite his heart of pure gold. And he went about his business, ignoring her right back and playing with the other mixed breed dogs.

Well played, Romeo. Well played.

Suddenly, Miss Brooke only has eyes for Kainan. She is flirting. She is trying to get him to play with her. She wants to lie next to him on the bed and always puts her dainty front legs across his big paws. She licks his face and he very gently plays “bite the muzzle” games with her.

Lawrence winOh yes, it’s love. And OH YES, it’s a forbidden love. I can hear the screams of Brooke’s breeders and co-owners echoing from across the miles. (So yeah, she has co-owners…that’s what sometimes happens when a purebred puppy shows promise for the show ring. I claim her cute little face. They own the tail-end.)

But you know it’s true, animals are not immune to attraction and, given the opportunity, will select specific mates just as humans feel a spark for a certain someone. It’s why male birds puff up and dance about. It’s why elk bash their heads together and lock antlers. They show off…they compete for the affection of the fair maiden.

In the world of purebred dogs, there are arranged marriages…and some don’t work out.  I just finished reading Pukka’s Promise, Ted Kerasote’s follow-up to Merle’s Door. In the book he describes being on the waiting list for a puppy from a breeding between two Labrador retrievers he greatly admired. But when the time came, the female lab refused the attention of the chosen male.In fact, she would have nothing to do with him.

Rather than resorting to less-than-romantic artificial means, the breeder listened to the female lab, waited for her next heat cycle, and found another nice boy that met with her approval. Beautiful, healthy puppies followed.

It’s another somewhat classic boy gets girl despite the odds story.

Alas, dear Brooke and sweet, handsome Kainan. While your affection for each other is charming, I must tell you that…that…well, perhaps I don’t have to tell you right now how your story must end. No…you can enjoy your little dance for now.

Someday in the not-so-distant future, before Mother Nature gives Brooke truly serious ideas, Kainan will have a little appointment with the veterinarian. A simple snip-snip will put a permanent halt to any future plans our little star-crossed lovers may have for creating new designer puppies. Oh the tragedy of it all.

I am fairly sure, however, that while you can apparently cross anything with a poodle and sell it for thousands of dollars (sorry doodle owners, no offense intended to your beloved companions, but it’s true), a wolfdog/Dalmatian cross might not have the same marketing appeal. I challenge my Photoshop expert friends to toy with what that cross might actually look like. Yikes.

So have your innocent fun for now, Brooke and Kainan. No need to run away. No need to hide your crush. It’s ok. For now.

Speaking on behalf of all of the ladies in the world who, like me, have once-upon-a-time-long-long-ago had THAT boy take our breath away…we understand. We understand.


One thought on “Forbidden Love. Furry Romeo Meets Spotted Juliet.

  1. Nancy, You need to breed your beloved Brooke with a white boxer (no not ours as ours is female and fixed anyway), but then as we like to say about our sweet Chloe who is 98% white and has dark spots that try and show through from time to time, your new designed breed would be either. . . wait for it . . . A Damoxer or . . . wait . . . A Boxnation I mean what could be better, take all the exuberance of two breeds that are non-stop excitement and put them together and imagine what you would have! On second thought, you might have immediate entrance to an insane asylum for you as the breeder/owner! Take care, Gregg

    Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 14:11:09 +0000 To:


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