Wolfdog in the House, Day Three.Five: Wakey, Wakey!

20140901_103907This morning I awoke to a gentle tug on my hand. As I peered through still-heavy eyelids I saw my wrist…but no hand. The hand in question was in a wolfdog’s mouth being used as a chew toy.

No, the next scene was not me pulling away a bloody stump and screaming in horror. The next scene was me asking, “Whatcha doing there, buddy?” And the response was a playful paw slap to the top of my head and the delighted reply, “Wooo, wooo, wooooooo!” Which I believe translates to something along the line of, “Oh good, you’re awake, will you be fixing my breakfast soon?” And yes, he was being very gentle in all of the aforementioned chewing and slapping.

And so began Day Three.Five. I say three.five because technically he was only with us for part of the day on Friday, “he” being the wolfdog that we are currently fostering. If you did not read my post yesterday, get with the program.

Oops…that did NOT sound reader-friendly. Let me rephrase that…

If, perchance, you did not read my post yesterday, let me give you the Reader’s Digest version:

 Our friend CC’s neighbors found a really, really, really skinny husky-type dog and CC asked if we (me, Jim, and Dr. Lauren) might be able to help with said dog because we take in and rehome lots and lots of stray dogs so after a vet visit and after determining that he’s a wolf cross dog Jim brought him home and he’s here now with us getting healthy and we are learning about wolfdogs and what it’s like to have one as a house guest.

 Did you read that really fast and in an all-in-on-breath-way as intended? Good for you. If you want the full initial scoop, click here. We’ll wait for you.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Back?

Ok, so now you’re up to speed and know that Jim and I have a yet-to-be-named wolfdog in our house. So far, he has been a complete and total delight. Ok, yes, he has had a couple of accidents in the house, but who hasn’t? (Jim, don’t answer that…)

For the most part, however, he knows to go outside “when nature calls.” He knows how to use our dog door. He knows he has to go into his dog run to eat his meals. He knows how to take his dinner bowl right out of my hands because he is a very hungry wolfdog and I am apparently a very slow waitress.

He gets along with our resident dogs and likes our foster dog Cinder most of all because she totally gets his play style. He is a teeny tiny bit afraid of 25 pound Tink. (Honestly every dog that crosses our threshold is a teeny tiny bit afraid of Tink the Terror, so that just means that Tink knows no species boundaries in her reign of supreme world-as-she-knows-it domination.)

2014-09-01 10.42.34

Why yes, that IS dog hair on my couch. Thank you for noticing.

He likes Nylabones. He likes dinosaur toys. He likes to snuggle on the bed and couch, but gets hot fast and really prefers to crash on the cool concrete floor.

By the way…if you are a crazy dog person, I highly recommend stained concrete floors. Jim can stain them for you…heck, he can design and build your whole, awesome, crazy, dog-friendly house. (Note, I do not get any sort of commission for plugs like that. It’s just me bragging on his mad skills. However if this plug results in some huge, billion dollar house design and construction deal, perhaps we can discuss some sort of tiny promotional consideration)

Back to the wolfdog.

He does NOT like bananas. He does like turkey, chicken, beef…basically anything that once had a face or had potential to have a face (can’t rule out eggs). My apologies to my vegan friends, but he’s a major carnivore and you just really can’t ask a wolfdog to stick to the salad bar.

He tolerates a toenail trim. He likes to be brushed. He thinks belly rubs are the bomb and naps are a priority.

20140901_083609I know we will continue to learn more and more about him as the days pass and his health is restored. He is already a bit friskier today than he was yesterday, so who knows what’s in store when the honeymoon is over. But we’re game…we’re ready to find out. And we won’t take him for granted. We don’t take any new house guest for granted. Keeping everyone here safe and healthy is our priority.

This afternoon we will take the yet-to-be-named wolfdog to meet the ladies of Freedom Song Wolf Rescue. Hopefully they can help us determine his age—I’m usually pretty good at guessing, but he has some physical mixed messages going on that I will explain in another installment—and they are going to look him over to see just how much wolf they believe is in the mix.

Information from these rescue experts will be very valuable as we move forward in this fascinating walk near the wild side. So far, he just seems to want to eat, sleep, play and chew, ever so gently, on our hands. 

I’m putting Day Three.Five in the win column.


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