A Letter on Behalf of Cinder


Dear Someone,

I have your dog. No, not one you’ve lost, but rather one I found.

She is lovely. She has a shiny black coat with tan points and delightfully expressive eyebrows that teeter up and down when she is listening to you talk. She has ears that stand up nicely, but the left one has a whimsical downward tip and bounces a bit when she trots.

She’s a perfect size—not too big, not too small. She will play with you. She will sit quietly with you. She will be willing to protect you if the need arises.

Her eyes are a beautiful golden brown. She will meet your gaze with such calm trust that you will melt just a little every time she looks your way.

She has things to learn…you have things to teach her. She is so very smart. She already knows where she should potty. She knows to sit when offered a treat—she has already learned that for you. She knows how to go into a crate to sleep if you want her to, but she also knows how to snuggle on the bed with her head resting perfectly on your shoulder. She doesn’t even snore.

She loves to play with other dogs. She loves to meet new people. She is easy to live with and easy to love.

She will enjoy long strolls on the beach, or hiking in the woods, or even a short walk down the block. She will love any walk as long as it’s with you.  That’s the important part. The “you” part.

This is a special dog. She is your heart dog. Do you know what that is? It’s a dog that was sent here to be with you. Not to be a possession. Not to be a decoration. She was sent here to be a part of you…a part of your soul. In reality, she already is. You’ll know it when you finally meet her. It will feel as if you are meeting an old friend. Her tail will wag in recognition.

Dear someone, this is your dog of a lifetime. She will stay by your side. She will understand your moods. She will know just when to lick your hand or place her head on your knee. She will offer comfort, companionship, childlike joy, and unconditional devotion. Of course cookies and belly rubs sure won’t hurt.

I love her dearly, but she is not meant to stay with me. I was just at the right place, at the right time when she needed to be found. It is my job to help her be healthy, to help her feel safe, to help her find you. So keep looking, will you? I know you’ll find us. I can’t wait to meet you. More importantly, your dog can’t wait to meet you. You two are a match made in Heaven.

See you soon,

Foster Mom to Cinder the shepherd mix

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