The Dragonfly

Dragonfly final I found you there
in an abandoned prison
a bleak end to an already too short existence.
No warden on duty
to expedite your execution.
No cycle of life fulfilled
no benefit from your demise.
You had surrendered to fate
without a struggle
your silken shackles undisturbed.
As I paused to capture your tortured beauty
I saw the slightest movement
one fragile leg waving
a tiny flicker of hope.
Gently, so carefully
I helped you from the trap.
Your legs, still strong, grasped my fingers
as I pulled away each binding thread
freeing your paper thin wings.
And then you tested the air
feeling freedom’s call
and fluttered away
circling me once
as if bugs can show gratitude.
And I know.
I know how you feel, if you feel.
I have friends who have done the same for me.

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