The Art Gallery

cloud art

I stop.
I see.
My breath catches
in awe.
My eyes, my mind, my soul
soar gently into the beautiful depths
of a masterpiece.
The colors
the texture
the play of light
coaxing my eyes
on a journey
allowing my imagination
room to play.
This is my gallery.
An ever-changing kaleidoscope
always inspiring
then erased
by a gust of wind.
As unique and fleeting as a snowflake.
Technique no hand could ever replicate.
On tour for anyone willing
to stop.
To see.

Note: I admit it. I’m a cloud-gazer. The clouds that have graced our skyline this past spring and now into summer have been particularly amazing, or maybe it’s that I’m just allowing myself more freedom to notice. I hope others are stopping to enjoy these skyscapes…or perhaps I’m just the crazy lady, standing transfixed by her Jeep in the middle of the road. I sure hope not. This is an art exhibit no one should miss.

spring sky

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