Reunited And It Feels So Good

Hansel at home

Oh. Those. Eyes.

Peaches and Herb…yes, I do know who sang that song and that one line from the chorus is repeating over and over in my head (Don’t know the song? Really? Check with your friend Google).

Today, two weeks to the day after I found them, I went back to visit my three little German shepherd mix foundlings. It was a grand reunion.

If you did not read the story of their rescue just days prior to my departure date for long-planned beach vacation…and then the story the following day when a kind soul rescued them again and restored my sanity…click here and then here.

So back to our visit. All three dogs came bounding into the exam room where I waited and they were quiet, exhausted puppies no more. In fact, I think if I had offered to take them out for a five mile hike, they all would have jumped at the chance.

I like to think they recognized me and were overjoyed to see me, but I’m pretty sure they would have met just about anyone with wagging tails and wide smiles. Whatever life they knew before has not left them scarred when it comes to greeting people. What lovely pups. Anyone breeding the finest pedigreed dogs would hope for temperaments like these dogs have.

On this day, the news was good for Hansel. Today there was an open spot at Tails You Win farm, aka my home sweet home,  for one more foster dog.

Now, before I get notes about how sad it is to split this trio up, let me assure you that splitting them up is the best thing for them. They need to be able to socialize and greet the world with confidence on their own. The “you just CAN’T split them up” mentality is 99.9% human emotion…not dog. I have seen very few pairs that can’t successfully be placed in individual homes.

Cinder and Gretel trotted right back to their kennel with tails wagging and without a backwards glance at Hansel. After a small moment of confusion, Hansel followed me right out the front door and quickly decided that this was a great adventure. They are all fine. They are not pining. In the interest of curing our need to anthropomorphize on the topic, how many human siblings do you know that want to live together for life? I love my sister very much, but I am pretty sure we don’t want to live together.


He is every bit as sweet as he looks.

Anyhow, as we headed for home, dear Hansel passed his first test on the Great Foster Dog Scale (the GFDS. It is highly scientific. I made it up myself.). He did not pee, poop or vomit in my Jeep. This is HUGE. HUGE.

When we arrived home, Hans leaped another hurdle on the GFDS when he walked through the door and met five of my dogs without really even blinking. He sat very still, and remained very polite while the resident dogs sniffed him from stem to stern. They accepted him and then the rest of the herd met him without incident as well. Plays well with others. YES!

The third test? Flying colors again. He watched the other dogs magically come and go through a seemingly solid door and then immediately figured out our dog door. Hallelujah! He’s a genius! AND he pees outside.

If he proves to be a good snuggler this evening (following a how-does-he-handle-a-bath session…stink-eeee!) then he is an A+ foster dog and people should just line right up to adopt him. Non-car-barfing, social, dog-door-using snugglers just don’t come along every day.

To sum it up, the first day with dear Hansel is going ridiculously well. I’m thoroughly in love with this boy and look forward to helping him find his way to good health and a happy permanent home (his sisters as well!). He has some skin issues (thank you to the the 4.5 million ticks that were on him), his feet are very splayed, and he is down in his pasterns, but I feel certain that all of these issues can be resolved with TLC and proper diet. This boy is a little diamond in the rough and he will polish right up.


Hansel, Gretel…and Cinder’s butt. Yeah, you get all three sitting and facing the same direction!

Yes, reunited and it feels so very good. I will admit that I have been singing my version of this song to poor Hans all day. I think my singing voice is the only downside he has experienced since leaving the veterinary hospital.

All of the feelings of overwhelmed desperation that I experienced upon finding Hansel, Gretel, and Cinder have been replaced with sincere gratitude. I am so grateful that I was at the right place on that lonely stretch of road at the right time. I feel even more gratitude for the generosity of the people who have pitched in to help support them.

Now, top all of that gratitude off with a good dose of excited anticipation. Why? Because I know this tale is going to have a very happy ending…times three.

2014-08-02 18.15.57 (2)

One pooped puppy. What a good day.


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