Unexpected Beauty

ImageHurry, hurry

have to get there

schedules, commitments

things to do.

Put your head down and go, go, go

move quickly through the world.

But wait.

For those who are willing to see

willing to notice the slightest flutter

there is profound beauty.


fleeting and fragile.


Should not diminish the art of living.


are hidden in plain sight.

Be willing

to be blissfully tardy.


While racing across the parking lot to head into my place of business yesterday, a quick flutter caught my eye in the parking lot. I glanced in the direction of the movement and was treated to this breathtaking sight. A beautiful Luna moth, likely near the end of a too-brief seven day lifespan. I stopped in my tracks to enjoy this rare visitor; to spend a few moments appreciating him. You just don’t see them every day…I certainly don’t. Suddenly, getting to work at that very minute didn’t seem so important. I snapped photos with my phone and sat on the sidewalk feeling blessed. People passed behind me, most not even realizing why I was there. How important it is to stop to smell the roses…enjoy the skyscape…or enjoy the beauty of a Luna moth. Made my day so much better. 

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