The Storm

Moody sky

My photo of a storm rolling across our landscape, this version turned from a color snapshot into this wonderfully moody “calm before the storm” moment by Glenn Curtis.

She rolls in
Like a surly teenager
Emotions roiling
Hot fury and cold disdain colliding
Everyone around her
Falls quiet
Anxiously anticipating the inevitable
Her temper flares
She stamps her feet
Her arms flail wildly
She dissolves into uncontrolled tears
She throws herself to the ground
Pounding her fists with unresolved angst
She inhales savagely
And immediately forces the air from her lungs
And over
A tumultuous roar of swirling anger
As quickly as the tantrum began
It subsides
A soft breeze crosses her brow
Pushing her fury aside
Caressing her with a cool compress of hope
A promise of life renewed

If you life in Oklahoma, you get to witness some impressive thunderstorms. Tails You Win Farm is perfectly situated to allow us to see these impressive storms build and overtake the landscape. This morning I stepped outside into the calm before the storm. In these moments, the trees, the wildlife, the farm animals…everything seems to go very still with a sense of nervous anticipation as we all hold our breath while the storm develops. I wanted to capture the feeling of a thunderstorm in this poem. I hope you felt a little of the thrill this native Okie feels every time these storms develop and explode forth. It never gets old. Nature–she is beautifully powerful and awe-inspiring every single time. 

Jim's lightening

One of Jim’s amazing storm photos. Borrowed without permission…but I think he’ll be ok with it!

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