Channeling the REAL Mary Poppins


I am a very strong and healthy person. Very, very healthy. Except for the last 24 hours in which I experienced the mother of all illnesses.

Ok. Admittedly, I should probably not use the “mother of all” reference this close to Mother’s Day. Sorry to our fabulous mommies everywhere. But seriously, I was M I S E R A B L E. Twenty-four solid hours of pure torture. When my body decides to attack an invading bug, it apparently chooses to give it all it has and then some.

I always try to follow the practice of positive thinking. That’s why I don’t say (though I’m putting it in print here, yikes!) that I never get sick. The universe does not recognize negatives, so it only hears “I” and “sick.” WHAM.

The positive way to say it is that I have been strong and healthy for six years. Yes, it has been six years since my last real illness (colds don’t count). Now we can officially go back to posting “I have been strong and healthy for ZERO days.”

Through it all…and “all” included congestion, sore throat, persistent coughing, aches, chills, and a delightfully queasy stomach…a dear friend I’ve never met kept coming to mind. We are friends through an online community for artists of all disciplines. It’s a wonderful cyber family that has now introduced me to some incredible friends and allowed me to form relationships I truly cherish.

It may seem odd to think of someone you really, really like during one of your darkest moments, but my friend Denise, alias the real Mary Poppins, is the queen of putting a positive spin on just about any situation. Seriously. This woman could fall into a nest of porcupines amid a field of cacti and come away from it with a valuable, heart-warming message.

So, while fighting a truly angry stomach and multiple other ailments (did anyone else do a check against the symptoms for MERS? I did), I tried my best to channel Denise.  What WOULD Denise do?

Denise Poppins would put a spoonful of sugar spin on this. Somehow. She would.

Ok. This one is for you, Neese. The positive things I gained from my 24-hour dip into HELL.

  1. I got a jumpstart on my diet. I would like to drop 10 pounds…12 would be delightful. While I realize that the weight I dropped yesterday may have actually just been due to dehydration and the fact that I only ate six saltines in an effort to put ANYTHING in my stomach to cushion the blow of the barrage of over-the-counter meds and vitamins I was popping, I’m still counting it. Three pounds down! Hooray!
  2. My wildly sore stomach muscles have led me to believe that there is no greater workout for the old core than persistent, relentless, deep, body-wracking coughing. The sore core muscles nicely complement the already sore thigh and butt muscles I achieved through a legitimate work out the day BP (before plague). So a fabulous start toward firming my neglected core. Hooray!

Well, that’s about it. But it’s something right? And I am back up today at about 60% of my normal strong and healthy self, so that’s great news too, right? Right Denise?

I AM strong and healthy. DAMMIT. 

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