Little Stray


Three fosters dogs and one “foster fail.” Left to right: Bernie, Robby, Candy, and our cow dog, Edie. Tonight I hope that the tiny Chihuahua that stood confused and lost in the road by our gate will decide to come in. She couldn’t bring herself to trust me and ran, but later followed my trail up the driveway only to bolt away into the back pasture. Evening is falling and it is so dangerous for her out there. Please come in, little dog.

Come in, little one,
you need not run any farther.
The panic that shows so clearly
in your eyes,
in your stance,
in the carriage of your tail,
can be a thing of the past.

You were drawn here,
to this place,
to me,
for a reason.
Everything you need,
everything you long for,
everything you have yet to know,
is here.

Let your need override your fear.
Accept my outstretched hand.
You are hiding in a world filled with danger,
while I offer a world of safety,
of care,
of soft blankets,
of kind words,
of gentle caress.

Come in, little one,
your journey ends here.
You are already a part of me.
This is your haven,
the place where fear is released with a simple sigh.
In my arms you will learn trust.
In my heart
you have already found love.

Come in, little one.

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