A Letter to James Squirrel Jones

James Squirrel Jones enjoying breakfast on a frosty morning.

Nature is filled with miracles and I’m proud to have one such miracle living right outside my front door. From your unlikely childhood–reared in my spare bedroom–you are finding your way into the life you were meant to live. One free of cages and doors, and eventually free of clumsy human moms who can’t even begin to play chase with you through the tree tops.

It is so hard to leave you outside as freezing temperatures set in. I could easily catch you again…bring you back to the warmth of our home…but there are no lessons in that. You were meant to survive and you’re proving your instincts are guiding your way.

For now, cute James, I will treasure our morning visits and you will treasure the nuts and fruits I provide. Then, when spring comes again, I suspect one day we won’t even say goodbye…you will just move on to the next chapter in your life.

It’s our own little story of nature and nurture. In the end, nature will prevail. Good boy, James.

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