Bernie’s Bedtime Story


Bernie the lovable pit mix enjoying a little snuggle time with Jim.

“Tell me a story, Jim…you know, the one about how you rescued me,” pleaded Bernie.

– Moment of silence –

And without taking his eyes off the television, Jim answered, “I opened the car door and you jumped in.”

“Yeah,” sighed Bernie. “I love that story. Tell it again!”

It is entirely possible that this entire conversation was fabricated by the ever-present voices inside my head. These things happen.

However, Bernie’s rather unremarkable, Jim-was-at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time rescue is a very real tale with a good ending. This is not the case for many dogs who are dropped off to find the often fictitious “home in the country.” Fortunately for Bernie, Jim found him before the coyotes did.

Of course we can’t keep them all, so Bernie is here waiting for his perfect permanent home to “rescue” him once again. That’s when we get to add, “…and they all lived happily ever after…” before “the end.”

Bernie and JimAuthor’s follow-up…will it be a shock to tell you that Bernie DID find his happily-ever-after home right here at Tails You Win Farm? Yeah. Some things are just meant to be. Love you forever, Bernie dog. We can’t keep them all, but we can damn sure keep you!


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