Loving Cookie



All evening long she hears my voice. “Cookie, what are you up to?

“Cookie, what do you have?”

“Cookie, don’t chew on that!”

“Co-UH-okie!” (This is the noise you WILL make as she vaults off of your abdomen to race outside with the other dogs).

She is a little bundle of black and white energy. She has a strong will and an enthusiastic love for life, despite a rather rocky beginning. But that beginning is a faded memory for Cookie—if a part of her memory at all. She is strong, healthy, and very much loved now. She is Jim’s special little girl.

She was an unintentional addition to our family. We welcomed her as a foster dog—you know, we were rescuing her—but she, in turn, captured a spot in our hearts left aching after two recent losses. Cookie is here now, Cookie is here forever.

So the lessons will continue. We’ll likely have a few more socks murdered before it’s all said and done. A small price to pay, really. As the night surrounds us with a sleepy embrace, and our little dynamo cuddles up to me , doing what she truly does best, I’m reminded how very lucky we are.

Now, if she would just show me where my other slipper is, all would be well.

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