Follywood Power Couple Moves Into Upscale Tails You Win Loft Condominium


Jame Squirrel Jones sitting on the deck of his new loft condominium.

An up and coming power couple has secured a new high-profile address this week. Rumors have long circulated that Squirrely Temple and James Squirrel Jones were an item and now it appears that they are indeed sharing a new penthouse together.

Based on tips from Follywood insiders, we did confirm that Temple and Jones have just moved into a new-construction condo with a panoramic view of Lake Tails You Win (note: a pond is to a squirrel what a lake is to a human). Representatives for the couple confirm that the condo was custom built for the up and coming duo.

When asked about their new loft space, Temple said that they have settled right in and are putting their personal stamp on the decor using wood gnawing techniques and a dead leaf motif. “We are also enjoying exploring our new neighborhood and are gradually meeting the neighbors,” Temple said.

Justin Beaver

Justin Beaver heading off to work.

Neighbors, indeed! Temple and Jones share a zip code with some fairly notable personalities. Within view of the couple’s condo is the lakeside cabin of Justin Beaver. “We have yet to meet Justin because he is always working,” said Jones. “But we have been keeping an eye on his home renovations. Industrious guy…does he ever stop with the new additions?” Jones and Temple also hinted that they are a bit nervous about Beaver’s penchant for landscaping. “He seems to like to clear a lot of trees, which obviously makes us a tad nervous,” Temple said with a laugh.

Jerry and Spammy

Anderson and Swinefeld dining out.

Jerry bath

Jerry Swinefeld enjoying a Tail’s You Win Spa Treatment

Within easy leaping distance of the couple’s loft is Follywood odd couple, Spamela Anderson and Jerry Swinefeld, who run the Tails You Win Spa. “We have met Spamela and Jerry,” said Temple. “Apparently the spa only features mud treatments, but I will say that Spammy’s skin looks fabulous, so I may give it a try.”

Ferris 2

Ferris Muler out at a local hotspot.

Also in the immediate area are Ferris Muler and Harry Ass Truman. According to Jones they have yet to meet Muler. “He’s always having a day off. If he’s ever home, Squirrely and I will make a point to meet him, though. He seems like a fun-loving guy.”


Truman confirms that he is indeed an ass. He’s fine with that.

As for Truman? “He’s a real ass,” stated Temple. “Really. He’s an ass. An actual ass.”

Well, that comment ought to set Follywood tongues to wagging! We’ll keep an eye on this couple as they continue to settle into their new home. Rumors are already circulating that Jones prefers to stay in while Temple has been known to be gone for hours on end. Appears she’s a bit more of a social ladder…or tree as the case may be… climber. Are we going out on a limb to suggest that this power couple’s relationship might be a bit shaky? Time will tell. Nuttier things have happened.

File photo of Squirrely Temple from her debut as a child star.

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