Finding Gratitude on a Rainy, Gray Day.

Rainy day gratitudeIt was one of those days from the start. Dreary, sleepy, and raining pretty much non-stop. It would have been a great day if all I had to do was curl up with a good book, snuggled beneath a soft blanket with my herd of dogs napping all around me. But no. It was a get-up-and-get-moving kind of day. My shoes and feet got wet the moment I stepped out the front door, seemingly setting the stage, and my mood, for the rest of the soggy, damn day.

Still, I needed to find something for which to be grateful today. It’s November and everyone in my world seems to be participating in the “30 days of Gratitude,” during which you proclaim something you are thankful for each day of the month. It should be easy, really. My life is very blessed. But without even one single ray of sunshine to greet me, my heart was just not in the gratitude game. And so I slogged through the day and the day slogged on around me.

After work, I needed to make a quick stop at the grocery store before I could head home to shed my still-soggy shoes, slip into my blissfully cozy house shoes, and hide from Mother Nature for a bit. As I was crossing the parking lot, the clouds, of course, decided to step things up from sprinkle to healthy little rain shower. Just then I noticed a tiny, older woman struggling to transfer groceries from her shopping cart to her car. As she lifted a single bag and turned to place it in the backseat, I quickly gathered up the three remaining bags and deposited them inside the car for her, hoping to spare her the complete soaking I was about to get before I could duck into the store.

As I was about to turn away, this dear woman looked up directly into my face, grabbed my hand with surprising strength for one of such delicate stature, and with great sincerity said, “Thank you so much! God is going to bless you today.”

Time seemed to still in that moment. I looked from our interlaced hands down into her face as it crinkled softly into a glowing smile. Words downplaying my actions were right on the tip of my tongue…after all, it was really nothing. I just lifted a few grocery bags. But instead of brushing our exchange aside, I found myself holding onto her hand, returning her smile, and saying, “Thank you. He just did.”

And God did bless me today. This precious woman was put in my path this afternoon to remind me that there is always a reason to be grateful. Always.

Today I am grateful for a tiny special moment shared with a stranger on a dreary, rainy, glorious day. It is amazing how you can give just a little of yourself and receive such great blessings in return. Yes, I am truly grateful.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —”
― William Arthur Ward

“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.”
― Henry Clay

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