Defining the Word Peaceful

Twin Mounds Pioneer CemetaryThroughout the month of October I have been participating in a photo of the day challenge that was presented in one of my Facebook groups. Each day there is a random word that participants must find a way to portray in a photograph. I’m not a trained photographer, beyond taking one semester of photography in college, so my photos are a bit hit and miss, but I always try to paint a picture with words to accompany my images. Today, day 27, proved to be one of my favorites. We were given the word “peaceful.”

This photo may seem an odd choice for today’s word. After all, I live on a beautiful piece of property in the country, surrounded by panoramic views and animals, both domestic and wild. Why not shoot a photo right out my own backdoor? But this place jumped right into my mind when I thought of peaceful.

This is a photo taken at the Twin Mounds Pioneer Cemetery, just a few miles from my home. This is a very historic little cemetery. It was established on five acres of land in the 1880’s when the area was known as Indian Territory, prior to Oklahoma statehood. The graves here are quite old and each seems to tell a little story. There are many children buried here, a testament to the hard times and lives into which they were born. The graves are not arranged in neat rows. There are clusters of family plots and then random single markers. Some are fairly ornate, many are very primitive–obviously the handiwork of a family member determined to somehow leave a permanent reminder of a loved one lost.

This little place that has seen more than a century come and go, is still well tended and always has an air of tranquility about it. I love to wander this place, reading all of the markers, thinking about the people buried here, wondering who they were, how they lived, how they came to rest here. There is a lot of sorrow and loss represented at Twin Mounds Pioneer Cemetery, but the overriding emotions I feel when I’m there are born of love and of devotion. This is truly a serene, peaceful place straight out of the pages of history. I think those who committed the remains of their loved ones here so very long ago would be comforted by that legacy.

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