Creativity. A Fickle Mistress.

20130901_113811 (2)I woke up today fully intending to devote a little time to the pursuit of art. I have been meaning to start a painting for weeks now. I even have the image sketched out on the canvas, just waiting for me to take the plunge. I also have a story for this very blog that I have started and have not allowed myself the time to finish. But today, Madam Creativity doesn’t feel inspired by paint. She doesn’t even really want to tackle the unfinished story. She wants to crochet. Really? You want me to crochet on a day that will likely top out at 100 degrees?

“Yes. Crochet,” she said. And true to her will, the only thing that seems to be calling my name today is yarn. So the hour that I had planned to dedicate to creativity will go toward figuring out a new project that involves alpaca fibers and a crochet hook. You really can’t force creativity, you just have to go with it- that’s part of the fun and definitely the challenge.

So. Who wants a new scarf?

One thought on “Creativity. A Fickle Mistress.

  1. Some days you just have to do what your mind and body tells ya to do. I got up with full intention of doing nothing and so far I have made hermit squares for my husband used the old banana’s and made the most wonderful banana bread, if I say so myself and meat and cheese stuffed shells for dinner, so much for doing nothing.


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