Do you see what I see?


The answer to that question is, “Probably not.”  I don’t see dead people or anything, but sometimes I do see things that no one else can seem to see. And yet, it’s always so darn clear to me.

Clouds for example. Who doesn’t love to look into big, fluffy clouds to see what shapes might appear? “I see a pony!” “I see a bunny!” “I see a puppy!” “I see a pterodactyl!”

Yeah, that last one would be me. From childhood to whatever this stage I’m in now is labeled, I have seen shapes a tad outside the box. Lately the skies around my home have been filled with gorgeous clouds. You know, skyscapes that make you want to just find a cool spot in the grass, spread out a blanket and collapse for a bit, just to watch the day pass by.


Well, the other day, I allowed myself a few peaceful moments to just cloud-gaze. The first shapes that popped right out for me? Bob Hope in profile followed by the Michelin Man–you know, that character that looks like an inverted white bee hive with arms and legs? Ponies and butterflies? No. A legendary comedian and a cartoon tire man? Clear as day.

Growing up and well into young adulthood it seemed I worked very hard to fit in, to be like the other kids. Now, as I float somewhere in middle-age, I find that I am not one bit frustrated by my different views of the world. In all actuality, I have come to embrace them. It’s a bit like hating freckles when you’re covered with them. What’s the point in that? And yes, I have freckles too. I see weird stuff in clouds and I’m covered in brown dots. It’s all good.

Perhaps I can best sum it up by borrowing a quote by Jacob Nordby that a friend posted to Facebook today: “Blessed are the weird people–poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours–for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”

So today, we may all look up at the lovely clouds that are floating past my home. We may all study the shapes. You may see a beautiful angel. Someone else may see a frolicking kitten. Me? Well, I see Abraham Lincoln taking a nap. Vive la différence!

(The Michelin Man is a registered trademark of the Michelin Tire Company…They may tell me to take his photo down, OR they could choose to send me a million dollars for promoting their fine cartoon character and products. Hey, a girl can dream.)

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